About Me

Hi there. I am Rich. I also go by the names develion and OxygenAddictUK online.

Back in 2008 I started my first full time job as a QA tester for a games company. This was initially intended as a foot in the door to a career as a programmer in the games industry, however I’ve found myself go in a different direction.

Whilst I’ve only worked in a couple of companies, I’ve had quite a number of roles beyond testing from being a Systems Designer for a games company to “Engineering Support”, taking ownership of all support cases passed to Engineering and also several years as a Software Engineer.

My current job title is Senior Test Engineer for a company developing video surveillance systems, working on both server and client applications. Most of my work is manual, although often I’ll script aspects here and there, write the odd tool and occasional automated test.

Much of my time is focused on coaching the developers in good testing practices and also trying to drive initiatives for quality within the organisation.

I am also a “Cyber Champion” for my company, encouraging people to adopt good cyber security practices and sharing knowledge with the team. Through this I’ve developed a passion for threat modelling and even created my own card game – Threat Agents.

In my spare time when I’m not thinking about testing or playing video games, I am often making games. Check them out on my Oxygen Addict website.