I have created a few test activities to help when running training sessions, and also to provide a source for some of my personal learning (e.g. to refresh my knowledge on using PHP).

Security Test Activity

Access it here

A series of 10 small challenges that will help guide you through making basic attacks involving techniques like SQL injection and cross site scripting. This is followed by .

If you like manual/exploratory testing and are curious about basic pen testing then this would be a great resource for you.

API Test Activities

Access it here

This is still a work in progress setup but some of the activities have been completed. You can practice making GET and POST requests with URL encoded data and also JSON data. There’s a couple of bugs intentionally left in – see if you can find them!

If you want to play with tools like Postman or RESTer then this can be a handy resource.

Exploratory Test Activity

Access it here

I developed this as I wanted a small site to use in a workshop to promote exploratory testing.

Pick up some of the example charters or write your own then try exploring the application. What does it do? Can you find any bugs? Can you identify improvements?

You can also share your exploratory testing report and view other people’s. I’d be fascinated to learn the different approaches that people take.